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Top-20-Trailers-of-2012-The-Dark-Knight-Rises-PosterThe art of the trailer is not an easy one to master. More and more, a strong trailer is an absolute necessity for a film to be a success. A strong trailer can send shivers down your spine; it can put you into a darkened auditorium on opening night; it can make the box office numbers stack up into the millions – and, increasingly, billions. So as we start the New Year, looking ahead to all that the industry has to bring, why not take one last look back with our Top 20 Trailers of 2012?

This was originally to be a Top 10 list when I first started writing it, but as I looked back over the year, I thought there were just too many to cut it down to ten. Nevertheless, there were still many, many films that didn’t quite make the cut, but I thought worthy of mentioning. So before we get started, here’s a spoiler for what almost but didn’t quite make the final cut:

Pain and Gain, Lawless, 42, Despicable Me 2, The Dictator, Snow White and the Huntsman, Gangster Squad, World War Z, Anna Karenina, The Impossible, The Lone RangerThe Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, and Life of Pi.

All excellent trailers, which I have much love for. But for me, it was the following final twenty that were just that much better.

A handful of these films haven’t yet been released, and a number won’t be reaching us until 2013, but as long as the trailer has debuted this year, it’s fair game. And please feel free to let us know if you agree or disagree, and what you’d add or subtract, in the comments below.


20. Skyfall

I’m not that big a fan of all its predecessors, but I think Skyfall is fantastic, and the trailer was brilliantly cut. It gave us more than enough footage to want to see more, without giving away almost anything of great significance.

‘Think On Your Sins.’ An awesome scorpion. James Bond incapable of hitting his mark.

The film is by far one of the biggest of the year at the box office, and deservedly so. Sony did a great job on the marketing campaign, and this is solid proof of that.

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