We’ve already taken a look at the must-see TV shows which will be returning this Autumn (if you missed that, you can find it by clicking here), but now it’s time to turn our attention to some of the new ones which will be gracing the small screen. Whether you’re looking for drama, comedy or comic books, there’s a lot on offer.

Of course, choosing a new series is never easy, especially when there’s a good chance that picky American audiences will mean many get prematurely cancelled or fail to last for longer than a single season. Here though we think you will find some new TV shows with real potential to have a lasting impact through this Autumn and beyond.

Read on to find out some of the best new shows TV has to offer for your enjoyment as summer reaches an end!

1o. Gracepoint


Broadchurch proved to be one of the best TV shows to hail from the UK in quite some time last year, so the thought of it being butchered in an American remake (see: The Inbetweeners) is worrying to say the least. However, Gracepoint is written by Broadchurch scribe Chris Chibnall, so that alone inspires a lot of faith. Then there’s the cast of course…

David Tennant once again stars as a troubled cop, and is joined by Breaking Bad’s Anna Gunn and the likes of Nick Nolte, Michael Pena, Jacki Weaver and Kevin Rankin. The main premise is almost identical – a young boy is found dead on an idyllic beach, sparking a media frenzy and a “Whodunnit?” type of investigation – but it’s been promised that the ending will NOT be the same, so it’s hard not to recommend giving this particular American remake a chance.