It’s that time of year again! As we head into the Autumn, many of our favourite TV shows return for another run of episodes. Some are finished in time for Christmas while others will run long into next year, and they will have a lot of brand new programmes to compete with over the next few months.

Here you’ll find plenty of returning favourites, as well as a handful of TV shows which debuted just last year but caught the attention of everyone and are now coming back for a highly anticipated second run. One or two meanwhile are worth checking out even if you’re new to them, while some may even be ending…

So, to find out which of the best shows that TV has to offer are back for your enjoyment as summer reaches an end, read on below.

10. Homeland


The third season of Homeland wasn’t particularly well-received by critics or viewers, and this year marks the first since the show debuted that it hasn’t received any notable awards attention. The decision to (and you may want to stop reading now if you’re not up to date with this TV series) kill off Brody in the finale was controversial to say the least and has shaken up the series to the point where it’s practically coming back as a reboot.

Season four will kick off with the first two episodes airing back to back, and what little we know about it indicates that we’ll finally get to see more of what Carrie was up to during the first ever episode; working in the Middle East. Saul is back, as is Quinn, but will the people still furious about Brody’s treatment in season three also return?