With The Hangover Part III having made an unwelcoming splash onto the big screen, we took the time to reflect on other sequels that have ruined films and their enigma.

Sequels that leave such a bitter taste on your tongue that you start spitting at the original film you liked. We’ve all experienced this disappointment, when films go that step too far and take everything with it.

It’s now become a commonality for sequels to be expected and that’s become a deciding factor when investing in films.

Let’s look at ten sequels that ruined the original movie. There are probably plenty more or disagree with some choices so feel free to get involved below.


Star Wars Episodes 4-6 / Star Wars Episodes 1-3

OK, not a sequel but a prequel but it ruined a lot of things that was loved in the Star Wars universe. With episodes 7-9 and many spin-offs on the way, there could potentially be more destruction imminent.

These episodes took everything that was loved in the original trilogy and threw it in the bin. In The Phantom Menace, they introduce one of the coolest villains to swipe him out rendering him an underused and pointless character. It was like watching the franchise commit suicide.

Then it resuscitated itself only to run out into traffic because it included Jar Jar bloody Binks. They choreographed confusing, physics defying, ‘who-is-that?’ fight sequences that dizzied the wrong way. Everyone left Revenge of the Sith with extreme motion sickness and with a feeling that the trilogy that just happened, ruined the original trilogy and all of its enigmatic fun. If they work on a Han Solo solo project, going to an origin story which wraps our head around why he’s such a destructive arrogant soul then the entire enigma of Star Wars will be ruined.