The summer is often a quiet time for TV as many of the biggest shows are saved for the Autumn. That doesn’t mean that there’s still not a lot to tune into this summer though, and as we wait for the likes of Boardwalk Empire to return, there are plenty of shows for us to tune into over the next few months.

Some of the shows listed below have already started (though are all very easy to find thanks to on demand services like Sky Go and Netflix), while others won’t air until later this month or next, but they’re all must-see small screen viewing experiences for the many rainy days we’ll surely have in July and August.

We couldn’t cover every single new or returning show of course, so if you have any suggestions, we’d love to hear them – and your thoughts on ours – in the comments section below.

10. Under the Dome

It became apparent quite early on during the first season of Under the Dome that it wasn’t a particularly faithful adaptation of the Stephen King novel, but despite the many differences, it still made for very compelling viewing.

The basics are all there as are many of the fan favourite characters from the books, but the most important element of this TV series is of course the dome itself. The entire town of Chester’s Mill is trapped under the invisible forcefield, and with outsider Dale “Barbie” Barbara serving as an accessory point for viewers as the egotistical and evil Big Jim (a local car dealer and self important politician) attempts to impose his will on the town.

As the first season ended on a pretty major cliffhanger, this is definitely one of the summer’s most eagerly anticipated returning shows, and you’ll want to think about hunting down that first batch of episodes before checking these out.