Peter Capaldi Eyes The Doctor

Despite the script leaks and ocean of set-photos which are ploughing around the internet right now there still remains a great deal of mystery about the new series of Doctor Who. Tonight, during the World Cup, the BBC decided to grab the millions by the scruff of their collective neck and throw a brand new trailer at them. This after the news that Steven Moffat’s other big hitter, Sherlock, is getting a new Christmas special and series in 2015. The Moffster is going to be very busy.

We’ve had a couple of teasers for the new series already, with Whovians jumping on any and every detail to determine what sort of Doctor Calapdi will be. Will we have the sterncosy Hartnell flourishes, the Baker (Tom) wayward straddling of the madness genius divide. This trailer will be no different. For many it won’t be the new glimpses of old friends and enemies as we’ve been accustomed to – of course we’ll see Cybermen and Daleks – but it will be the Doctor who is front and centre. Apart from that T-Rex in London – that was a good bit.

The trailer is below, watch, watch and watch again and just think – it’s only five or so weeks until we get to see Capaldi in action.