With a huge number of superhero movies filling up cinemas each and every year, comic books are becoming more and more popular. They’re no longer just the hobby of a small group of fans, and events like the San Diego Comic Con have become increasingly important for even the biggest Hollywood studios. However, trying to figure out where to start is no easy feat for someone new to the Marvel or DC Universe, and that’s why we’ve compiled a list of ten trade paperbacks (all of which are easy enough to find in your local book store or online retailers) which are suitable for those of you who may have never even picked up a comic book before now! This is really just a very small number of suggestions in a world full of literally thousands of titles, but we’re sure that you’ll find something here to enjoy!

10. Marvel Knights Spider-Man


Mark Millar, Terry Dodson and Frank Cho’s 12-issue Marvel Knights Spider-Man run is simply superb. Kicking off with an epic showdown between the titular character and the Green Goblin, Peter Parker’s Aunt May is later kidnapped by a mysterious foe (a classic rogue who is quickly transformed from a B-List bad guy to one of the most fearsome Marvel villains) who has been told Spidey’s secret identity by the now imprisoned Norman Osborn. We also get a new Venom, the introduction of the Sinister Twelve and an overarching story which established Millar as easily one of the best Spider-Man writers of all-time. It’s simply epic, with The Avengers, X-Men and Black Cat all playing a major role at times, but never gets bogged down in too much confusing continuity. Visually, it’s also stunning, and both Cho and Dodson’s battle sequences really come alive off the page.