Calm yourself Leicester Square, for this evening you had the pleasure of playing host to Ron Burgundy and his continuing legend inside you. For one night only the News Team ruined hearts and took names as they sashayed up the red carpet for the UK Premiere of Anchorman 2.

Before taking the full force of Burgundy’s Moustache in their faces our chaps Ben Mortimer and Colin Hart were on hand to throw questions at the team, and spoke to Will Ferrell, Steve Carrell, Christina Applegate, James Marsden, and Producer Judd Apatow.

Look with eyes below to feast on our red carpeting.We shall begin with (the surely soon to be double-act) Ferrell and Carrell, more will follow. Oh yes.

Will Ferrell

Steve Carrell

Christina Applegate

James Marsden

Judd Apatow

Meagan Good