6. Mark Waid And Mike Wieringo’s Fantastic Four


Mark Waid and the late Mike Wieringo’s Fantastic Four run is arguably up there with Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s as the greatest of all-time. Across three volumes, we get to see a fascinating new take on Doctor Doom, the death of one of the Fantastic Four, (one of the few times I’ve teared up while reading a comic book) an adventure which sees them travel to Heaven, a deranged Reed Richards taking over Latveria, and the Human Torch becoming a herald of Galactus! In truth, this description barely scratches the surface of what an incredible series this is, and no one has ever really come close to recreating the same sort of family drama and dynamics that this run did so wonderfully. Just don’t let the two awful movies put you off from giving Marvel’s First Family a chance in the comics!