9. Astonishing X-Men


Now, we’re sure you’ve all heard of Joss Whedon, right? He’s responsible not only for cult classics like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Firefly, as well as the biggest superhero movie of all-time, Avengers Assemble. He also wrote the superb 25 issue Astonishing X-Men run, a series which put the mutant team back on the map! Whedon gave them back their superhero costumes (rather than the horrible black leather outfits inspired by the X-Men movies) and a new directive; to be superheroes. While comic book continuity does come into play a little later on in the series, this is a great choice of series for those of you who are new to the X-Men. It even later brings back a classic long thought dead character and John Cassaday’s artwork is simply incredible!