Cut Throat City

As Cut That City becomes available on digital download, we marked the release by speaking to the Hip Hop icon turned film director RZA, alongside his leading man, Shameik Moore – who also voices Miles Morales in the Spider-Man franchise.

We spoke to the duo on Zoom, and asked about the remarkable ensemble cast, which also includes the likes of Wesley Snipes, Terrence Howard and Ethan Hawke. We also ask about the continuing damage caused by Hurricane Katrina, and how important it was for RZA to explore this on screen. The duo also discuss the film’s tone and getting the balance right whereby we can scrutinise over the actions of the protagonists, and yet understand where they are coming from.

We get onto their shared passion (mainly RZA’s) for anime, and on the subject of animations we ask Moore if he would consider playing Miles Morales in a live-action production. And finally we can’t help but bring up Wu Tang Clan – with RZA being the leader – to ask Moore about the impact the Hip Hop collective have had on his life and career.

Watch the full interview with RZA and Shameik Moore here:


When Hurricane Katrina devastates New Orleans, four desperate friends band together to pull off a daring heist in the heart of the city.
Cut Throat City is available on Digital Download now.