The internet is a ripe old echo chamber when it comes to instant trendsetting, and the last 24 hours have seen the rapid growth of a worldwide phenomenon which goes by the hashtag (naturally) of #JurassicZoo.

Riding on the back of the colossal box office opening of Jurassic World (recently clocking over £500 million and rising) zookeepers across the world have taken to recreating this particular pose…


…with the animals in their own charge. It’s a joyous thing to see, and a perfect example of the internet not taking itself too seriously.

The trend started on Tumblr and quickly spread to Twitter and Facebook. As featured on Nerdist (where you can see the ever-growing list of examples here) this is a trend which pokes fun at a moment featured heavily in the promotion for Universal’s new film.

Here are some of the best Jurassic Zoo examples so far:

(We’re assuming the bunny one is also a nod to Monty Python and the Holy Grail)

As the hours go on more and more examples are pouring in and while it may lack the longevity of something like this…



…it’s the classic combination of the internet and cute animals – a perfect storm.

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