Welcome to this week’s movie quiz. If you missed last week’s, you can find it here, with the answers here. As usual, there are several sections. Same rules as before, no prize, just for fun. Answers will be posted tomorrow. Feel free to shout answers in the comments if you want, and if it’s too hard or too easy let us know.


Movie Quotes ““ Name the films

1 I’ll probably piss blood tonight

2 Dodson! Dodson! We got Dodson here! Nobody cares

3 You get the series 4 de-atomizer and I get the midget cricket?

4 They sucked out his brain

5 You have twenty seconds to comply

6 Could you please repeat the destination?

7 Put me back in, put me back in!

8 I’m your worst nightmare, an eight year old with a badge

9 Ohh, you would’nt be interested in that…

10 I have a bad feeling about this


Working Titles – Some working titles are invented for secrecy, which films do these belong to?

1 Blue Harvest

2 Rory’s First Kiss

3 Paradox

4 Planet Ice

5 Prime Directive


Tag Lines – Which movies do these tag lines belong to?

1 Does for Rock and Roll what the Sound of Music did for hills

2 You won’t believe your eye

3 Earth. It was fun while it lasted

4 The true story of a real fake

5 This is the weekend they didn’t play golf 


The Numbers Game – Pick a number, any number

1 In minutes, how long was the theatrical cut of Pulp Fiction? – 94, 124 or 154?

2 How many movies has Christopher McQuarrie directed – 1, 3 or 5

3 How many screens did Donnie Darko play on for it’s US theatrical run – 28, 58 or 88?

4 How many feature length movies has Christopher Nolan directed (excl. Inception – 6, 7 or 8?

5 How much did The Shawshank Redemption gross during it’s original US run – $28M, $38M or $48M?


This Week’s News – How much attention have you been paying to the HUG news feed?

1 Which much loved British actor passed away this week? – Cheat here

2 Nine helmer Rob Marshall was named as director for which epic sequel? – Cheat here

3 Which singer/actress will be playing Winnie Mandela? – Cheat here

4 Which heinous actor will be playing an 18th century samurai warrior in 47 Ronin? – Cheat here

5 Brad Pitt’s production company Plan B is working to bring which video game to the big screen? – Cheat here

Good Luck!


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