quizHere are the answers to yesterday’s weekly Sunday Movie Quiz. If you missed the quiz yesterday, go here and give it a try before you look at the answers. Hope you had fun, and will come back for another quiz next Sunday.




Movie Quotes – Name the films

1 Who you gonna butcher man? – The Limey

2 Los Locos kick your ass, Los Locos kick your face, Los Locos kick your balls into outer space! – Short Circuit 2

3 You tell him i’m coming, and hells coming with me, you hear? – Tombstone

4 Better hurry up Russell, time is healing this wound! – Up

5 Muad’Dib!! – Dune

6 Oh, i dunno. Cos i wanted to redecorate. A couple of throw pillows, TV news reporter, what do you think? – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

7 DON’T shake hands with messy Tessy. – Garbage Pail Kids

8 I want you to hit me as hard as you can. – Fight Club

9 I love this plan, i’m excited to be a part of it. Let’s do it. – Ghostbusters

10 Oh, i get it, it sings, it sounds just like Jackie. – Ghostbusters II


Name The Year – What year were these films released?

1 The Pink Panther, Cleopatra, How The West Was Won – 1963

2 Moonraker, Dawn of the Dead, Rocky II – 1979

3 Do The Right Thing, Field of Dreams, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure – 1989

4 Mission Impossible, Dunston Checks In, Little Soldiers – 1996

5 Shanghai Knights, Phone Booth, 28 Days Later – 2003


The Numbers Game – Pick a number, any number…

1 How much did Catwoman gross domestically, $40m, $70m, $100m? – $40m

2 How many movies have featured both Bruce Willis and Samuel L Jackson, 3, 4 or 5? – 4, Loaded Weapon, Pulp Fiction, Die Hard with a Vengeance, Unbreakable

3 By the end of the year, how many movies directed by Steven Soderbergh will have been released theatrically this year?  2, 3 or 4? – 4, Che Parts One and Two, The Informant, The Girlfriend Experience

4 How many Academy Awards have been won by Dustin Hoffman? 2, 4 or 6? – 2, Best Actor for Kramer Vs Kramer and Rain Man

5 To date, how many sequels (Where he also appeared in the original film) has Sylvester Stallone appeared in? – 8, 5 Rocky Sequels and 3 Rambo Sequels


News This Week – How much attention have you been paying to the HUG news pages this week?

1 Which character was confirmed for Spiderman 4 this week? – Black Cat

2 Which original A-Team member has confirmed his cameo appearance in next year’s reboot? – ‘Howlin’ Mad’ Murdoch

3 Moon director Duncan Jones announced his follow up movie this week, name it? – Source Code

4 Which Pulp Fiction actor was added to the cast of Little Fockers this week? -Harvey Keitel

5 A knight of the realm celebrated the release of his new British drama this week, what is it called? – Harry Brown


Movie Poster Taglines – Which movies do these taglines belong to?

1 Man is the warmest place to hide – The Thing

2 Same make, same model, new mission – Terminator 2

3 Cocktails first. Questions later – Swingers

4 Reality is a thing of the past – The Matrix

5 On May 6th… see Paris die – House of Wax