Rob Marshall & Johnny DeppRob Marshall confirmed that he’ll be working for Disney / Bruckheimer to bring us Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides last night. He was at the DGA screening of Nine, (his new movie staring every feamle Oscar winner ever) and according to AICN, when asked what he’d be doing next, he said:

“ya’know, it’s something that I was offered and never in the world thought I would do but then I was like “˜why not?'”¦ I’m doing Pirates of the Caribbean”¦.”

Marshall went on to talk about meeting with Johnny Depp, and how they are both excited to be working with one another. This news broke a while back but it’s nice to hear this sort of thing confirmed.

I was thouroughly dissapointed with the third installment of the Pirates franchise, I’m hoping for better things this time. More info as we get it.