keanuVariety is reporting today that Universal Pictures are close to naming Carl Erik Rinsch as director for the forthcoming 47 Ronin movie. It will be Rinsch’s first feature, he is best known for being a director of commercials. The movie is set to be a big budget action movie along the lines of 300, so it is somewhat surprising they have chosen a first time director to helm the project. Rinsch was however in talks with the Scotts earlier this year about the possibility of directing the proposed Alien prequel, until Ridley relented and took up the reigns himself. You can read Variety’s story here.

 The 47 Ronin is a true story of masterless samurai that hatched a plot to avenge their master’s death in feudal Japan. Having read the story myself, i would be excited about the movie if it was’nt for the presence of Keanu Reeves in a lead role. The idea of Reeves as an 18th century samurai warrior is somewhat ludicrous, but i’ll attempt to keep an open mind.