edward woodwardSad news is breaking that TV and movie legend Edward Woodward has died at the age of 79.

Though he is perhaps best known for his numerous TV roles, including the awesomeness that was The Equalizer (whose intro is embedded below) Woodward was a versatile actor who bought a stone cold gravitas to each of the roles he played.

For me though it was his leading role in Robert Hardy’s The Wicker Man that was his most impressive. His portrayal of a painfully devout policeman sent to a secluded Scottish Island to solve a series of disappearances is pitch perfect and the infamous denouement is given so much weight by Woodward’s incredible performance.

If you’ve not seen this film please do seek it out (and burn all copies of the Nic Cage remake), and revel in the paranoid riot of mystery and ritual.

Read the BBC’s report here, watch the intro to The Equalizer below and ponder the age old question of why Edward Woodward has 4 Ds in his name.