This casting may seem a little on the nose but The Duffer Brothers are casting their nostalgic spell once again with the announcement of three new members of the Stranger Things cast.

The filming for Season Two is underway right now, with a number of cast members set to return alongside some new faces. Today Variety have confirmed that site-favourite and one time Goonie Sean Astin will make an appearance in the new series of the Netflix show, along with Paul Reiser and newcomer Linnea Berthelsen.

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According to the publication Astin will play ‘Bob Newby, a kind-hearted former nerd who went to high school with Joyce Byers and Sheriff Hopper. Bob is now the manager of the Hawkins RadioShack.’ You can bet that the A/V club will be reuniting off campus as their search for Eleven and the mysteries of the Upside Down continues.

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They detail Reiser’s character as ‘Dr. Owens, a Department of Energy muckety muck who is tasked with “containing” the events of the previous year, when a murderous being from another dimension came through to our own, kidnapping young Will Byers.’ In true Alan Partridge style I looked up ‘muckty muck’ in my (online) dictionary and it said: an important and often arrogant person. So he could be playing the Matthew Modine character in this season. The word is still out on whether Modine’s character survived his Demagorgon attack at the end of the first season.

Finally they have this to say on Berthelsen’s character: ‘Roman, an emotionally damaged young woman who suffered a big loss as a kid. Roman isn’t a Hawkins resident, but she is connected to all the spooky stuff that happened at the Department of Energy lab during the first season.’

The net is widening as the second season begins to take shape. We are huge fans of this show, and can’t wait to find out what happens next to Will, Eleven and the gang.