The marketing behemoth for Disney’s next foray into the Star Wars galaxy far, far away is kicking into a higher gear today. We’ve already seen some new footage in the first TV spot, and now we have the first unofficial behind the scenes photos from Gareth Edwards’ Rogue One.

These images are of note chiefly for showing us the character played by Star Wars mainstay Warwick Davis, as well as a massive set up for filming a hyperspace sequence. Both of these elements were glimpsed in the Star Wars Celebration sizzle reel, but its nice to see more.

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There’s also a real sense of presence displayed here. The rebels massing on the beaches of Scarif brings the trenches of Hoth to mind instantly, and though nothing major is hinted at in this images there’s an undeniable enjoyment to seeing them in the wild.

Here are the images,

rogue-one-01-768x512 rogue-one-02-768x512 rogue-one-03-768x512 rogue-one-04-768x512 rogue-one-05-768x512 rogue-one-06-768x512 rogue-one-07-768x512 rogue-one-10-768x512Here are the new posters from Mexico and Latin America. As SWNN point out the Guatemalan locale used for Yavin IV explains why it features so heavily on this particular poster.

The floating head triangle does look pretty neat, and the battles raging on the planets toe the line that this will be a Star Wars film with the focus on the Wars.


rogue-one-international-posterRogue One: A Star Wars Story is released in the UK on the 15th of December, and in the US a day later.

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