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It is fair to presume that no new television show in 2016 will cause a bigger storm than Stranger Things; the latest Netflix Original series which has become a biblical hit with critics and audiences alike. So much so, that at the time of writing this article, the show is ranked 23rd on IMDb’s Top 250 Rated TV Shows. A towering achievement indeed.

With its tender echoes of Stephen King, J.J. Abrams, Steven Spielberg and John Carpenter, there is little wonder that film fans are irrevocably in love with The Duffer Brothers’ show. Enthused with the rich and rustic spirit of the 1980s, the genre-warping first season is a truly soulful delight: one of the very few programmes that really will be ‘binged’ by each and every additional viewer that floods to the VOD service.

Now that all eight episodes of the tremendous first season have been readily available for over a month, it is high time for some reflection. Grab your Trapper Keeper, a walkie talkie and a delicious box of Eggo waffles as we showcase the very best moments of your new-favourite show.

Will Byers

10. The Vanishing

Truly great drama – on both the big and small-screen – will establish character, environment and story within the introductory act. Stranger Things is no exception to this rule: the principal narrative mystery is founded from the get-go, and the show’s progressions develop from this revelation.

Meeting young Will Byers in his friend Mike Wheeler’s basement, the twosome and fellow pals Lucas Sinclair and Dustin Henderson are enjoying an epic Dungeons & Dragons odyssey; one which quickly gets called off after a harsh reminder that there’s school tomorrow morning. Will says his goodbyes and climbs upon his bicycle, and from here he encounters an undisclosed and indescribable scenario which sees him vanish from thin air. It is an urgent and unsettling introduction, and one which grabs your attention instantantly.

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