The fate of two characters from the beloved first season of Netflix’s Stranger Things provides the basis for this new tease for the next season.

This lovingly produced Hawkins local news report has the bouffant-barneted Brenda Wood reporting the ongoing investigation into the disappearance of Poor Barb, last seen lost in the Upside Down.

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The second segment of the report reveals that the search for Millie Bobby Brown’s Eleven will more than likely be a part of the new season. Shown pilfering a few packets of her favourite frozen waffles, Eleven’s whereabouts were hinted at in the closing moments of the last episode with Sgt. Hopper leaving food in the woods.

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We know that the second season picks up a year after the disappearance of Will Byers, with three new ‘significant’ cast members joining the ensemble. Many questions remain and the Duffer Brothers have set themselves a high bar to clear. This first look at what’s coming is very promising indeed…