Friends, today is a good day.

A second season to the surprise streaming sensation Stranger Things has been announced, with nine episodes due to arrive in 2017. Ross and Matt Duffer, the show’s creators, will return.

The show is perhaps the most successful evocation of the 1980s sci-fi horror genre we’ve seen, and has proved a great success for Netflix. Taking music cues from Carpenter, visual storytelling finesse from Spielberg and mixing it up with a story straight out of Steven King’s finest work – Stranger Things is huge, and with good reason.

Netflix made the announcement today with a teaser trailer seemingly giving us the episode titles for Season 2 and fit very nicely with the titles for Season 1’s episodes.

They are:

  • Madmax
  • The Boy who came back to life
  • The Pumpkin Patch
  • The Palace
  • The Storm
  • The Pollywog
  • The Secret Cabin
  • The Brain
  • The Lost Brother

We’ve already written our love letter to Season One, and we couldn’t be more excited to see what happened next.

Here’s the announcement trailer for Season Two, just let the oozing synth vibes lull you into the Upside Down once again…

Title image courtesy of the wonderful Make It Stranger.