The movie merchandising kingdom has always been ruled by Star Wars. From the shrewd deal made by George Lucas back in the late 70s the Lucasfilm plastic palace has reigned over all.

Last year’s Force friday took toy hype to new heights with an entire day devoting to unboxing, cooing and a great deal of rictus in order to introduce the new toy lines to coincide with the release of The Force Awakens.

This year Rogue One is coming, and the seasonal release date is perfect for shifting boatloads of Star Wars merchadise in time for Christmas. What the toy makers of the day are doing this year is far more interesting however.

GO ROGUE-logoRiffing on the Robot Chicken vibe Lucasfilm have commissioned a gaggle of superfans to make animated films using some of the new toys. Seeing a Lego Death Star under the watchful eye of a Funko Pop Director Krennic is a neat way to entice collectors and fans to check out the new range.

This is the first video in a series, so expect more of these. Take a look below.

Force Friday 2016 lands on the 30th of September, so start saving…