Blind Spot

When it was revealed that Warner Bros. and Fox were moving ahead with a TV show featuring a young Detective James Gordon, it was assumed that we might see a handful of Batman’s lesser known villains. Well, earlier this week, it was confirmed that the series – which will apparently have no connection to the Caped Crusader we see in next year’s Batman vs. Superman – will in fact feature origin stories for everyone from The Joker to The Riddler and Catwoman.

It was also announced that Bruce Wayne will have a presence in the series, with the final episode set to see him becoming Batman. So, which villains would we most like to see in Gotham?

Here are ten suggestions, with details on each of their comic book back stories and why they would be a good choice to be further explored on the small screen. Agree? Disagree? Let us know in the comment section below!

10. The Penguin

Blind Spot

Tim Burton’s take on The Penguin was certainly unique, but Gotham would be much better off introducing him as the vindictive and ruthless crime lord who runs the city’s underworld from the Iceberg Casino.

While it’s believed that Jim Gordon’s main focus in the series will be tracking down the killers of Thomas and Martha Wayne, that arguably can’t sustain Gotham on a permanent basis, so giving the police detective another foe to face as it progresses would be a smart movie.

Oswald Cobblepot’s past is tragic in many respects, often as a result of his own heinous actions. Getting the opportunity to spend even more time learning about him (without the sillier elements that Burton added to the villain) would be welcome for comic book fans and a treat for those not as that familiar with him.