As the DCEU shrinks, contracts and blooms in unusual directions with Joaquin Phoenix, Robert Pattinson, Lady Gaga and Messrs. Gunn and Safran all playing their part, all eyes will soon be on the Matt Reeves Batman world for Colin Farrell’s The Penguin series.

We sat down with the actor to talk about another small screen sojourn, the AppleTV+ series Sugar, which hits the streaming service this week. It was our last question that moved the conversation DC-wards, and we asked him what we can expect from the new show.

“Oh…Tons of violence, abject darkness and a man and a great struggle to try and claw his way to the top.”

In our interview with the actor he talks about the team showrunner Lauren LeFranc has assembled, and how the series takes the fans deeper into the world created by Matt Reeves and The Batman team.

“You know, there’s a power grab in Gotham now…It’s dark, man. Lauren LeFranc
with her room of writers…wrote eight extraordinary episodes…I mean, just really, really bold stuff. I couldn’t believe that it got as dark as it gets.”

It would be a Hard R…”

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