An incredibly moving, worthy and welcome chronicle of the strength, adversity, and determination of these young women. Watching this documentary leaves you with so much hope for the future. Inspiring.

This was our reaction when we caught Girls State at Sundance in January of this year. You can read our whole review here, but the gist from the summary above is the sooner you see this film the better. For those with AppleTV+, the date to watch out for is the 5th of April, as the film hits the streaming service.

To celebrate the film’s release Claire Bueno sat down with filmmakers Amanda McBaine and Jesse Moss, and the stars of the documentary: Emily Worthmore, Nisha Murali, Faith Glasgow and Cecilia Bartin to talk about their incredible achievement.

The movie will premiere on Apple TV+ April 5, 2024. It’s well worth your time.

Girls State Interviews



The Apple original film follows 500 teenage girls from across Missouri as they gather for a week-long immersion in an elaborate laboratory of democracy, where they build a government from the ground up, campaign for office and form a Supreme Court to weigh the most divisive issues of the day.

In the film, the country is now deeper into a democratic crisis, with civil discourse and electoral politics increasingly fragile under ever more extreme political polarization. As questions of race and gender equality in a representational democracy reach a fever pitch, these young women confront the complicated paths women must navigate to build political power. Following a distinctly female perspective and filled with teenage insecurity, biting humour and a yearning for true friendship, the young leaders of “Girls State” win hearts and minds just elections.