Guardians of the Galaxy has been hailed as one of Marvel’s most riskiest movies to date, while some still doubt the studio’s ability to make either that or 2015’s Ant-Man a box office success.

Looking at Kevin Feige’s track record with the likes of Captain America and Thor (both of which have now become two of their most popular franchises), it seems that both of the releases listed above will do very well, and could potentially open the door to a whole new type of comic book movie.

Some of the possibilities we’ve covered here are risky because of past failures or how obscure the character is, while others are controversial due to their nature or the type of themes and issues they tackle. However, regardless of whether the rights are held by Marvel, Fox or Sony, they all have potential.

Which of these would you guys like to see be the next Marvel movie?

10. Carnage


Despite the somewhat tepid critical and commercial response to The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Sony are apparently still planning on moving ahead with a spin-off starring Venom. Regardless of which iteration of that character they use, the perfect villain for the movie would undoubtedly be Carnage.

Cletus Kasady is an insane serial killer who was bonded with the offspring of the Venom symbiote, and he later made it his mission to kill both his “father” and Spider-Man. A number of recent solo comic book series’ have gone some way in showing that Carnage is capable of holding his own in a movie, especially if the two people he hates the most are including as supporting characters.

However, Sony could not hold back with a villain like Carnage, and they would have to let the blood and violence flow freely in order to make this a character to fear. Handle it like a horror, and it shouldn’t be too cartoonish.