Now that Patty Jenkins Wonder Woman has completely blown away worldwide box offices making it the highest earning DCEU, talk surrounding the sequel’s timeline is starting to take shape even though Jenkins has yet to sign on the dotted line to return.

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Many have been asking “so what exactly has Diana been getting up to in the period between her recent solo origin story and her arrival in Zack Synder’s Batman V Superman” and will her story be tied in someone to the forthcoming Justice League? Well, according to production sources the sequel will be set in the 1980s during the closing days of the Cold War with Diana taking on the Soviet Union in an almighty battle, however, plot details of how the story may develop is being kept top secret.

With Jenkins still in negotiations to return to the helm, it is said that she is working closely with Geoff Johns on developing the script for the follow-up which could all too well be seen as her commitment to the project, it is also looking likely that the production crew will all return as well.

Wonder Woman

Another revelation comes in the form of Chris Pine as Steve Trevor, Wonder Woman’s right-hand man will be returning. After the conclusion of Wonder Woman, how he manages to return will be an interesting concept, will Diane unchain a power she never knew she had or will his story follow a more scientific route? Whatever they come up with having Pine reunite with Gadot will delight many a fan after their story arc hit all the right notes.

With Jenkins stating that “Wonder Woman 2 should be set in America” also begs the question how are they going to approach the Cold War story? Could Steve Trevor be on board to play the Russian intelligence from home soil while Diana fights in the land of the cold? We’ll just have to keep waiting.