Woody Allen just never seems to stop. Fans of the filmmaker will have to wait a few more months before his next picture, Wonder Wheel, hits the screens in December, hinting at a possible push to be included in the awards season. To whet your proverbial whistle until then two images from the film have been released.

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As expected, plot details are being kept under wraps for Allen’s latest venture but what we can reveal is the film will be set in the 1950s amusement park in Coney Island, Brooklyn and will include “larger-than-life characters, lovers, infidelity, and gangsters” So pretty much all the staples of an Allen outing.

Kate Winslet, Justin Timberlake, Juno Temple and James Belushi all star in Wonder Wheel, you can see Winslet propped up on a bed with a book at her fingertips and Timberlake with enough foundation on to lay a building in the images below, of course, neither image give anything away.

Wonder Wheel Wonder Wheel

Wonder Wheel is the 47th film written and directed by Allen and will be distributed by Amazon Studios, In a recent, and his first ever, Facebook live interview Allen discussed his new project although in no detail whatsoever and working with Amazon.

Allen said on making Wonder Wheel; It was shot in Coney Island and it takes place in the year 1950 or 1951 — I can’t remember. I grew up near Coney Island and I went to Coney Island frequently, but I was never one to go on any of those rides… I’ve never been on the Wonder Wheel and I’ve never been on the Cyclone.

He went onto say why Amazon was the perfect outfit to make films for because they don’t mind losing money.

“Amazon is a perfect example of a company that’s so successful that someone like me is peanuts and chump change. I come along and I make films for a pittance. So they can reach in their pocket and say, “Give it to him and shut him up,” and I make my film, and if it makes a few dollars you don’t even notice it on an Amazon ledger. And if it loses a few bucks they couldn’t care less”