Hallmann Entertainment today reveals the first look trailer for its new groundbreaking documentary film ‘DreamScapes’ starring Academy Award Winner Kate Winslet.

The doc is a “United Earth Project” captured by over 250 talented videographers from over 100 countries. The epic journey transcends geographical boundaries and cultural differences to showcase our planet’s stunning beauty and diversity through a symphony of visuals and music. The film is primarily dedicated to future generations to showcase the importance of treating our planet with care.

Kate Winslet, the narrator of DreamScapes, says, “I felt so excited to be part of something that was not focused on underlining the declining world but amplifying the beautiful natural world that is still there. And we all have this shared responsibility to protect it. Being able to give my voice to something that felt unique, beautiful and special was something I immediately drew my heart to it.”

The film was written and directed by Christian Machacek and co-written by Larissa Kamtner. It was produced by Klemens Hallmann and executive-produced by Patrick Knapp-Schwarzenegger and Harro von Have.