Last week we were lucky enough to chat with some of the cast of The Chosen Season 4. If you missed those interviews you can click this handy link to be taken to all of our The Chosen content including The Trailer, interviews with the rest of the cast and the premiere interviews.

Today the interviews continue as we get to chat to Amy Bailey who plays Joanna in the show and David Amito who plays John the Baptist; Jesus’ cousin. Now I must apologise to viewers after David gives an incredible answer to one of my questions about a certain scene in episode one of the show only for me to get distracted by Ninja the cat who decided that he (or she) wanted to be a part of the interview.

The Chosen Season 4 has been released in cinemas across the globe over the past week with huge success bringing in $6m domestic at the box office and placing 6 in the UK box office. Each week, the show will continue in cinemas with new episodes released until they have finished their run and then they’ll be available online (where you can find the previous three seasons all for free).

Check out our interview below and please note, it contains spoilers (unless you know your bible in which case it’ll come as no surprise).