The long-awaited trailer for Season 4 of The Chosen has landed and along with the new trailer is the news that episodes 1 & 2 for season four are going to be landing in UK and Irish cinemas from 1st February 2024.

Showrunner Dallas Jenkins shared the news when the trailer was released saying:

Season 4 marks the midpoint of the most famous and influential story in human history. It will be painful, and it will be joyous. It will be bittersweet. But by all measures, Season 4 will also be our best.”

The news that the show will be heading to cinemas just shows how it has gone from strength to strength with the funding being ramped up from what was originally a crowd-sourced project and now available to watch on Netflix.

We’re getting closer and closer to Jerusalem, to what we know is coming. Jesus is getting increasingly frustrated, and yes, sad. Not because he’s getting closer to death, but because of the reasons He must die. From his faith’s religious leaders, to the holy city of Jerusalem, to his own friends and followers, people are not understanding his mission. To that end, He must allow painful things, and even set in motion certain confusing or bittersweet events, to accelerate the outcomes that will lead to Holy Week.

Check out the new powerful trailer below alongside the brand-new poster and be sure to book your tickets to see season 4 in UK and Irish Cinemas from 1st February.

The Chosen Season 4’s theatrical release is distributed by KOVA International Ltd. Tickets can be purchased at:

The Chosen Season 4 UK Poster
The Chosen Season 4 UK Poster