As part of our epic coverage of The Chosen Season 4, Lucy Alfred sat down with Joey Vahedi (Thomas) & Kirk B. R. Woller (Gaius) to talk all thing The Chosen.

They chat about what it’s been like since the release of the show in US and UK cinemas, the interactions they’ve had with fans and what it’s like to appear in the hit show after such humble beginnings.The Chosen Season 4 is a Christian historical drama television series, created, directed, and co-written by filmmaker Dallas Jenkins. The series stars Jonathan Roumie as Jesus, alongside Shahar Isaac, Elizabeth Tabish, Paras Patel, Noah James, and George H. Xanthis.

The Chosen Season 4 hits US cinemas weekly with new episodes before it heads to streaming platforms.


Clashing kingdoms. Rival rulers. The enemies of Jesus close in while His followers struggle to keep up, leaving Him to carry the burden alone. Threatened by the reality of Jesus’ growing influence, religious leaders do the unthinkable—ally with their Roman oppressors. As the seeds of betrayal are planted and opposition to Jesus’ message turns violent, He’s left with no alternative but demand his followers RISE UP