Sci-fi actioner Lockout promises to be an explosive cinematic ride when it’s released next month. Led by Guy Pearce and Maggie Grace, the film marks the feature directorial debuts of James Mather and Stephen St. Leger, who also share screenwriting duties with Luc Besson, produced under Besson’s EuropaCorp banner.

We’ve seen a handful of great things from the film already, and now we have five minutes of footage to share with you in case you weren’t already convinced about how good this should be.

“Starring Guy Pearce and Maggie Grace and set in the near future, LOCKOUT follows a falsely convicted ex- government agent (Pearce), whose one chance at obtaining freedom lies in the dangerous mission of rescuing the President’s daughter (Grace) from rioting convicts at an outer space maximum security prison.”

Pearce and Grace look to have brilliant chemistry on screen, bouncing off each other well, so we should be in for a lot of fun when this hits. My guess: Expect plenty of action, special effects, and a genuinely good script.

Lockout will be released here in the UK on 20th April, a week after its 13th April debut out in the US, so we’ve all got about a month to wait and build our anticipation. If you’ve been away for a little while or are only just hearing about this now, you can catch up on all our coverage for the film here. Enjoy.

Source: IGN