5 years ago, if you had pitched a documentary about EDM DJs and Producers you would have likely been called daft and then subsequently laughed out of whatever pitch session you were in.

However since 2007, there has been a shift in the record industry that has brought electronic music into the spotlight perhaps more than ever before, because of this, a movie such as Re:Generation Project has been not just allowed to exist, but to flourish as well.

The concept behind the film is simple, grab a handful of some of the hottest DJs and Producers in the scene today, pair them with their polar opposites, and ask them to collaborate on some tracks.  For some producers such as Mark Ronson or The Crystal Method, this is just a matter of flexing some already well honed muscles, others however find that not everyone is so ready to validate their presence in the industry.

Over the last week I had a chance to sit down with Amir Bar-Lev (Director) and Nick Davidge (Creative Director) of the project, and they were able to give both a wonderful behind the scenes glimpse into the production aspect of the film, but they were also able to offer up some wonderful stories that for one reason or another, didn’t make it into the film!

Check it out below!:


Fascinated?  Did that grab your attention?  Well it just so happens that you can now stream Re:Generation project FREE on Hulu.  You can catch the whole thing HERE!