Exploitation cinema is a cinema famous for having more fun with its name than the film itself. WolfCop is not that film. WolfCop is how to do an exploitation film. It is a shining example of how to do trashy without being lazy. Putting no effort into your exploitation film is not endearing, it shows that the director and writers do not know what makes these films fun.

By approaching this earnestly Lowell Dean has managed to create film that is bizarre, hilarious and sickeningly fun. As strange events begin in a small Canadian town, alcoholic policeman Lou Garou gets turned into werewolf, but that is not going to stop him serving justice. Creating an exploitation film means automatic dismissal from many, but this is a labour of love that revels in its silliness genuinely.

Its absurdity is only topped by its fun, making this one of the most fun and funniest film of the year, and possibly one of the funniest exploitation films of all time – right up there with Black Dynamite from recent memory.