As Above, So Below

Posters are an important part of a film’s marketing. As Above, So Below had a poster that wowed everyone and what is even better about it is the film lives up to it. For once, we have a mainstream horror from a big studio that does found-footage correctly but – way more importantly – provides a strong, intelligent female lead that does not spend the running time running away screaming.

Of course, there is some running away in the Parisian catacombs, but Scarlett (Perdita Weeks) thinks rationally, using her intelligence and tenacity – which is sometimes detrimental – to solve the problem. Director John Erick Dowdle made a great choice in setting this in the inescapable catacombs, but the story (co-written by brother Drew Dowdle) is clever, revealing actual characters underneath the arguments and a story that works to disturb you when it teeters into a doomed realm.