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The Quiet Ones

Hammer release their latest film tomorrow and though we’re a long way from the dread sight of Christopher Lee’s blood-red eyes staring into our soul there is a tangible sense of anticipation for each new release.

The Quiet Ones, which is included on this list, may not leap out at you as a must-see but it has a fine cast and a great concept (to create a ghost, rather than to find one). Bradley Hanson has chosen ten horrors out this year which you may not have heard of, but which you need to remember.

Here we look at the top ten horror films expected to be released in 2014, it was a tough choice whittling down to a meagre ten. So what thrills, spills, splatters and chills can we expect in the year to come?

Did we miss any you’re looking forward to? Leave us a comment and tell us what you think will shock you out of your seat.

Tusk (Dir: Kevin Smith)


Horrors Tusk

After dipping his toe into the horror genre with the critically-divisive Red State, Kevin Smith returns with Tusk. Details are minimal so far, but what we do know is the film stars Michael Parks, Justin Long and a rarely seen Haley Joel Osment.

The idea was formed in Smith’s Smodcast after finding a bizarre ad on Gumtree, where a man was offering free accommodation to anyone prepared to reside in the house dressed as a Walrus.

Set in Manitoba, after a journalist goes missing following an interview with a mysterious sea captain, his girlfriend and his best friend try to track him down. What they stumble upon is a half-man/half-walrus creature – expect laughs and shocks aplenty.

Could this be a creature feature with real bite? Or will it leave the audience blubbering?

Expect Tusk to tear into cinemas late 2014.

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