Streetdance 3d may not necessarily have been on our readers radar but in the UK, the movie made a massive £9.5m and even managed to take more money that Disney’s Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time in it’s opening weekend.

Although the movie was only released in Europe (in fact it’s opening in Sweden today), it’s been rather a large success for it’s producers, Vertigo Films , BBC Films and Little Gaddesden Productions and it looks like they’re willing to capitalise on this success.

The Daily Mail today has an article which looks at up and coming British actress Holliday Grainger and if you look close enough, they also have one paragraph half way down the article which states that not only is a sequel to Streetdance 3d in the works, they’re also planning a live stage-show for December.

The movie StreetDance 3D has become a huge hit in the UK, having taken more than £9.5 million at the box office  –  and it’s a long way from running out of steam.

There’s talk of producers at Vertigo Films, BBC Films and the UK Film Council making a sequel, plus rumours that a stage version, StreetDance live, will open at the Royal Festival Hall in December.

Officials at the south Bank venue and impresario Phil Mcintyre are believed to be close to finalising talks to bring dance troupe Diversity, George Sampson and other groups to the stage.

With the success of Simon Cowell’s Britains Got Talent and a stream of new dance acts like Twist and Pulse, George Sampson and Diversity coming through, they’ve obviously seen a way of promoting this talent in something which the British audience is now familiar.

So, who’s looking forward to this? I didn’t see Streetdance 3d but from what I’ve heard, it was pretty good. You can read our fan review here.

More info as we get it.