Before the world descends into football fever why not catch up with all the latest film chatter with your weekly edition of the Mouth Off podcast?

Bit of a special one tonight as we have an exclusive interview with the director of the forthcoming film Death and Cremation, Justin Steele, whose generosity and candour was a breath of fresh air and the stories he tells of getting an original horror film made, as well as working with Brad Dourif and Jeremy Sumpter are really worth a listen.

We’d like to thank Justin for his time, you can find the interview at the end of the podcast, or you can download the MP3 right here. The trailer for the film is included below and I’d point you to the official website here.

In addition to the interview we’ve got reviews of Noah Baumbach’s Greenberg and Christopher Smith’s Black Death and Craig Skinner and Brendon Connelly join me in discussing the merits (or not) of watching a film on a phone, as well as our usual Ripped from the Crypt selections.

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Here’s the trailer for Justin Steele’s Death and Cremation,

And our usual Ripped from the Crypt selections, First up Craig bucked trends and nominated the TV series Homicide: Life on the Streets,

I chose the 2007 film The Living Wake,

Brendon chose the film The Cremator (original title: Spalovac mrtvol)