Last week, Sony shocked everyone when they announced that they’re moving ahead with a film featuring The Sinister Six from writer and director Drew Goddard (Cabin in the Woods, World War Z). As of right now, we have no idea whether the spin-off will feature only the villains or Spider-Man as well.

It’s hard to imagine the kind of story they could come up if it’s the former option, but there’s no doubting that it is still an interesting idea (and one we suggested in our 10 Spider-Man Characters we’d like to see get their own Spin-Off Movie feature).

The team has consisted of many characters over the years – the teenage Spider-Man was forced to join their ranks at one point in the Ultimate Universe – but we’ve narrowed it down to ten villains that Sony should consider picking six from to make up the team in their planned spin-off.

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10. Sandman


Sandman is far from the brightest member of The Sinister Six, but he does provide the muscle! The conflicted Flint Marko has fought on the side of good and evil over the years, but almost always finds himself roped into helping his fellow villains out in their battles against Spider-Man.

The only downside with bringing back Sandman is that Sam Raimi covered just about all there is to cover when he brought him to the big screen in 2007, and there isn’t really an awful lot of other material featuring the character that Goddard could fall back on to differentiate the two iterations of the character.

However, recent comics have given him the ability to create multiple versions of himself, and that would at least undoubtedly prove to be quite an interesting challenge to pit Spidey against…