A few days ago, it was revealed that Sony are now moving ahead with plans to expand their Spider-Man franchise (now the only superhero they hold the rights to) with a series of spin-offs featuring a number of unnamed heroes and villains. Unlike Fox’s X-Men or Marvel Studios’ The Avengers, it’s a little more difficult to imagine who exactly could be featured in these possible movies and TV shows.

Well, as a lifelong Spider-Man fan, I’ve been racking my brains to come up with ten possible choices that Sony could go for!

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10. Black Cat


The commercial and critical failure of Catwoman will more than likely give Sony second thoughts about bringing Black Cat to the big screen, but similarities to that character aside, a movie featuring Felicia Hardy could prove to be an awful lot of fun!

Originally introduced as a love interest to Spider-Man who had absolutely no interest in the man under the mask, Felicia has bad luck powers and an attitude which would help her stand out from both the Halle Berry and more recent Anne Hathaway versions of Catwoman. It would be smart for Sony to first introduce Black Cat in one of the Amazing Spider-Man movies, later pairing her up with her team and giving her big bad like The Kingpin to take on.