On the same night as the Strippers vs. Werewolves premiere, stars of another new British movie, Outside Bet were in town for their own premiere.  Our friends from our very own Ben Mortimer and Upbeat were there to chat with the cast of the movie as they walked the red carpet. During the interview, we find out that the horse they used in the movie was actually called ‘Rocky’ and how director Sacha Bennett found working with his great cast.

Outside Bet is directed by Sacha Bennett and stars Bob Hoskins, Philip Davis, Adam Deacon, Emily Atack, Terry Stone, Jenny Agutter many of whim were at the premiere on Tuesday night.

Developed from The Mumper written by Mark Baxter and Paolo Hewitt. Set against the turbulent mid 80’s of money, privatization, unions and dramatic media evolution: A life-long group of friends find themselves at the bad end of a redundancy pay-out and invest their savings into a racehorse, hoping that one final race can turn their fortunes around.

Outside Bet is released in UK cinemas today 27th April.