You HAVE to see this, before it’s too late.

You know E3 is just around the corner when trailers start to leak out. The first – of many, get ready – is Wii U’s version of ‘Rayman Origins’, seemingly titled ‘Rayman Legends’.

What we have here is a stunning remastering of the ‘Origins’ blueprints. Looking even more impressive than the original HD counterparts, ‘Rayman Legends’ is looking like it’s going to take full advantage of the Wii U’s unique capabilities. Firstly, in the trailer you’ll see a fascinating four player mode, where three people play the game with Wii remotes while one holds the Wii U controller to control the elements, moving platforms for the players and such.

Most impressively though are the near field communication capabilities of the Wii U controller, something we haven’t seen before. Ubisoft seem to have a plan to release a number of toys which can be placed on the screen of the Wii U controller, enabling them to appear in the game. In the trailer we see a life heart toy, a Rabbid, and amazingly, Ezio Auditore from ‘Assassin’s Creed’.

Oh, yes. The trailer is below, someone is getting fired for letting this leak but still, take a look while you can.