Source Code is Duncan Jones’ follow up to last year’s excellent Moon and judging by the trailer and buzz surrounding the script this could be something special. Hopefully Jones will have a hit with this too as I for one am really looking forward to him tackling Mute, the film he was preliminarily working on prior to signing on for Source Code.

Source Code stars Jake Gyllenhaal, Vera Farmiga, Jeffrey Wright, Michelle Monaghan, Russell Peters and Michael Arden. Duncan Jones also recently tweeted the following,

Just talked to top secret surprise “cameo” in Source Code… what a lovely… man or woman… or animal. Hah! I give you NOTHING!

My first guess would be Sam Rockwell, who starred in Moon and whose performance was championed by Jones but this perhaps seems to obvious. Anyone have a better guess?

Below is a new still for Source Code courtesy of Optimum releasing who are set to release the film in UK cinemas on May the 13th or March the 11th (depending on which source you believe). I hope it’s the latter.

The new still embedded below features Jake Gyllenhaal and Michelle Monaghan.

Synopsis: A soldier (Gyllenhaal) becomes part of an experimental government program that is investigating a train bombing. He is forced to relive the incident over and over again until he can find out who is responsible and how to prevent the next terrorist attack from occurring.

  • Chiefbrody2008

    it’s gonna be BOWIE!!

  • Kbmy515

    I bet you’re right! I think it was hinted that Source Code, and Moon, and possibly Mute would all be in the same “universe” so it would make sense that a Sam Rockwell cameo would be coming. I’m crossing my fingers Jones does Mute next too, there was an image I think, that he had made, to show an idea for the film, like Blade Runner in Berlin and it looked amazing!