A favourite at Sundance and long awaited by fans of Chris Morris’s work on The Day Today and Brass Eye, the jihadi comedy Four Lions has a great new poster.

Empire had this one first and it shows a total understanding of the pitch black humour expected to fuel the film.

The film tells of a group of would-be suicide bombers in search of a cause and a clue, it stars Riz Ahmed, Nigel Lindsay, Adeel Ahktar, Kayvan Novak and Arsher Ali and is Morris’s first feature film and the buzz at Sundance was substantial and should help it pass through the storm of tabloid controversy it will no doubt incur on its release.

There was a small scene released on the internet recently and it gives an indication as to what we can expect from Mr Morris in his “latest campaign of morally corrupt sick filth” (quote from The Daily Mail, May 7th edition – when the film is released here).