It takes someone with the sickest twist of a comedic imagination to write a comedy film about a group of incompetent jihadists; it takes someone with the talent of Chris Morris to make it work and with the first clip to emerge from his film Four Lions, it seems he has succeeded.

We reported a few whiles back that Morris’s comedy film would premiere at Sundance and if I’m right then lucky Sundancers should be seeing it tonight, and it’s a fine cinematic beginning for a comic talent whose influence defined the school playgrounds and bad radio presenters for years after the successes of Brass Eye, The Day Today and Blue Jam.

That his BBC compadre Armando Innanucci is currently basking in the spotlight of success for his sharp toothed satire In The Loop I’m hopeful that the world will take to Four Lions with the same enthusiasm.

The Guardian have the exclusive clip which you can view here, or in slightly lower YT resolution below. Either way, check it out now.