chris morris four lionsFans of Chris Morris’s TV works will know of his surreal and vicious take on the modern world, popping the moral acne of the world leaving a moonscape of scars in a brilliant and original way. 

His work with In The Loop’s Armando Iannucci on the BBC’s The Day Today and Channel 4’s Brass Eye were knowing satires with an evil sting the tail, using the conventions of genre and medium with a capability that greatly enhanced the impact of the absurdities he poked fun at. 

Following his dark comic fable My Wrongs 8245″“8249 & 117, Morris has turned his vision to Four Lions, telling the story of four British Muslim men training at a militant training camp, and according to the BBC the film will compete at Sundance in the world cinema narrative category.

This is great news for Film Four who took a chance in funding the film and this will hopefully bring the work of Morris to a wider audience and great success. 

More on this as we get it.