Spike Jonze’s short film I’m Here had its premiere at Sundance last night and if you’ve not seen the excellent trailer then please do take a moment and revel in the robot charm of it all here.

While we await news of how we can enjoy Jonze’s 30 minute short, sponsored by apparently hands-off Absolut Vodka, we have two new images to share with you. They are included below and at no point in these images of the trailer does it seem odd that we’re looking at people with computer cases for faces – if Wall-E can do it, right?

Stay tuned for more news, including release dates hopefully very soon.


Well, that was quick – here’s the official word of when the world can enjoy Spike Jonze’s film from http://imheremovie.tumblr.com/:

I’m Here will also screen at the Berlin Film Festival in February followed by a global release in March here at imheremovie.com.