To celebrate the release of The Fear Index, we spoke to the stars of the thrilling mini-series!

Based on a book by Robert Harris, The Fear Index revolves around a physicist Dr. Alexander Hoffman who is plunged into the scariest 24 hours of his life, following an attack in his home.

Lead actor Josh Hartnett and supporting actor Arsher Ali talk about what drew them to the project and how our reliance of technology is so terrifying. We also spoke with Leila Farzad about tackling trauma and art, and Gregory Montel’s homage to Colombo!

The Fear Index will be released on Sky Atlantic and NOW on the 10th of February, 2022.



Dr Alex Hoffman is launching VIXAL-4 to investors – an AI-driven system that exploits fear in the financial markets and operates at lightning speed to make big returns. The promise is billions, the rich are ready to get richer… but this is not the day Alex and Hugo had planned. What follows is a terrifying journey through the worst 24 hours of Alex’s life – cutting across reality, memory and paranoid fantasy,  forcing him to question everything he sees with his own eyes.

In the pulse of Geneva’s financial district, Alex’s sanity is shaken after he is viciously attacked at his home by a man who knows all of his security codes.

After more unexplained occurrences, Alex becomes convinced he’s being framed. But as secrets surface from his past, will anyone believe that he isn’t just losing his mind?

Detective Leclerc (Montel), assigned to Alex’s case, struggles to work this former CERN scientist out. Hoffman’s talented artist wife, Gabby (Farzad) might just be losing patience this time, whilst Hugo’s only concern is the billion-dollar business on the line. Invention can be lonely, and in a modern world of AI, capitalism and technological breakthroughs, Dr Alex Hoffman is about to learn the hard way how destructive his creation might be…